Project model and methodology for implementation

of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsolutions’ Workshop model – your warranty for a successful ERP project

A good partnership is the prerequisite for a successful implementation of a new ERP solution. Microsolutions’ project model and methodology for implementing Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is based on a well-proven workshop model, which creates the basis for a strong partnership and defines the work processes that guide the project safely in goal.


Microsolutions’ methodology for implementation

project model and implementation methodology for implementing Dynamics 365 - short form

Microsolutions’ project method is based on Microsoft Sure Step and Lifecycle Services, which is a structured approach to implementing Microsoft Dynamics products.

The methodology consists of five phases:

  1. Preliminary analysis
  2. Start
  3. Agile phase with analysis, development and design
  4. Deployment
  5. Operation

Each of the phases consists of a number of activities including prerequisites. It is specified who is responsible for performing the individual activity.

We have developed the model based on our experience from a large number of projects, and over the years it has proven its worth. The model is continuously adjusted as Dynamics 365 develops.

It is an advantage to use the model with our process tool, which intuitively makes processes incl. flow charts, videos and other types of guides in a tool that is related to your Dynamics solution. Ask us for information.

project and implementation model with activities

Cooperation – the Road to Succes

Cooperation and communication between you as a customer and us as a supplier is crucial. Only with thorough information about your company’s management needs, processes, special functions, etc. can we design the solution that matches your business needs; and similarly, as a customer you do not have a qualified basis to make the right design choices without Microsolutions’ insight and advice on Dynamics 365’s capabilities and limitations.

Use the Process Tools in Connection with Implementation

Share Processes and Training Material

Microsolutions recommends using the Workmodel process tool for Dynamics 365 in deployment projects. We use it right from “scoping” of the project to keep track of workshops and requirements specification. Documents and knowledge are gathered in the Workmodel, and are available to all parties involved, including management, project management, consultants, process owners and superusers.

Please fill out the form underneath if you would like more information about the tools for generating and sharing processes as well as the implementation model. 



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