Dynamics 365

Strengthen the Customer Relationship and profit more from Sales Opportunities. 

Dynamics 365 Sales is Microsoft’s answer to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that brings together activities, strategies and interactions with the customer, it ensures that data is stored and shared, and that you can manage the follow-up of the customer throughout the life cycle.

Basically Dynamics 365 Sales consolidates relevant customer information into a single platform that provides a 360-degree view of the customer. 

In addition the solution offers an overview and insight for sales managers, and gives colleagues the information that is essential to be able to act. 

How Dynamics 365 Sales works

Dynamics 365 Sales - overblik over alle kundedata

Get more time to sell

Get a universal solution that makes it easy to maintain customer data. D365 Sales can be used as-is or configured individually to optimize the business sales process. Identify tasks and solutions, that can be automated and made easier using Dynamics 365 Sales. Streamlined workflows from lead to closed opportunity allow salespeople to focus on what they are best at, namely selling. 

Intuitive dashboards

Makes it possible to work together and share customer data across departments with integration to e.g. Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

Dynamics 365 Sales combines activities in intuitive dashboards. Dashboards can be targeted the individual employee with the status of their own activities and goals, or they can be targeted the sales manager and provide an overview of the sales team’s efficiency and productivity.

AI can rank and prioritize leads and sales opportunities and makes it easy to concentrate sales work and efforts where the opportunity to close the most profitable sales opportunities, is greatest. Businesses interact with customers on multiple interfaces such as website, email, marketing materials and increasingly social media. Show the salespeople when and how customers communicate so they can be proactive and keep relationships on track by linking customer data.

 Sales is part of Dynamics 365

Explore the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework by chosing areas from the figure below.

Efficient and flexible platform

Dynamics 365 consists of both ERP-and Customer Engagement applications. Based on the company’s needs, applications from the Dynamics 365 framework can be added to supplement the functionality and support the collaboration across the company and throughout the company’s supply chain. Learn more about the different applications and options by clicking the figure.

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