Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Differentiate your business with personal and professional service 


Customer service is the art of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing a professional service that meets every desire a customer may have, both before, during and after the need is fulfilled. 

But where do you meet the customer and ensure that they are maintained throughout a service process?

The answer is: In Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

How Dynamics 365 Customer Service Works

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Deliver what the customer expects – and a little bit more

Today’s modern customers expect an omnichannel customer experience, where businesses support multiple channels for customer engagement; website, chat, voice, digital and email. All with the aim of making it easy and fast for the customer to interact and get – or even find – answers themselves. 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service connects support across applications and channels, so your business always has a 360-degree view of each customer’s support experience. The Sales department can follow the activity of the customer, and the Marketing team can send feedback surveys after finished support. All this, to ensure an excellent customer service experience that exceeds the customer’s expectations.


Learn from customer interactions

Use the built-in intelligence of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights add-on application to empower service personnel to make data-driven decisions, which enhances the customer experience and increase productivity and efficiency internally. Analyze the interactions between the service staff and the customers. Transform that knowledge into a reduction of the processing time with optimal handling of different types of support cases. 

Expand Dynamics 365 functionality with a large number of apps

Efficient and flexible ERP-platform

Dynamics 365 consists of both ERP-applications and Customer Engagement applications, which Customer Service is part of. The relevant applications can be selected to fulfill the company’s needs.

Learn more about the different applications and options by clicking the figure.

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