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Customer Engagement

The Perfect Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 applications 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement consists of a series of applications, which supports the dialogue with your customers. In addition to Sales and Marketing, it also includes applications for Customer Service, Field Service and Project Management.

The solutions are all driven by data that brings people, processes and automation technology together. They analyze historical data that creates, strengthens and maintains customer relationships.

Overview of the  Customer Engagement applications

The Customer Engagement applications ensure a targeted and effective customer focus. Choose a single or multiple applications and integrate with the other Dynamics 365 applications and with your Dynamics 365 ERP-solution.

Obtain the exact functionality needed.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

• Overview of all projects in numbers and graphics
• Management of time schedules for projects
• Overview of resources
• Follow up on economy

Dynamics 365 Field Service

• Handle service visits
• Optimize resource management
•Overview of and insight to employees in the field
• Service planning and history

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

• Handle all types of customer inquiries
• Create incidents
• Prioritize and reply to inquiries
• Get access to historical information

Dynamics 365 Sales

• Share information about customers and leads and increase your sale
• Create an overview for both sales and management
• Develop the relationship to your customers
• Win more sales opportunities

Dynamics 365 Marketing

• Plan and execute marketing campaigns
• Target your marketing
• Relevant content for campaigns
• Streamline campaign management

Customer Engagement and much more 

Explore the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework by selecting areas from the figure below.

Efficient and flexible platform

Dynamics 365 consists of both ERP-applications and Customer Engagement applications. Based on the company’s need, the relevant applications can be selected.
Learn more about the different applications and options by clicking in the figure.


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