Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Overview and profitability with Dynamics 365 Project Operations for project-oriented companies


Project Operations is ideal for project-oriented companies and is part of the Dynamics 365 framework. The solution is based on functionality from the ERP solution Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as well as the former Project Service Automation.

Project Operations handles the need for management and overview in project-oriented companies. Exploit the opportunity for effective management of resources, schedules, progress, activities and finances in each – or across – projects.

You can efficiently track all phases of a project, from booking, to resource planning and over time registration and financial follow-up.

Planlægning - tidsrammer for projekt
Intuitive tools are used when planning. The plan offers a visual insight into both activities and time schedule. Click to enlarge the image.

How Dynamics 365 Project Operations works

Overblik projektøkonomi
Get a financial overview of your projects using intuitive dashboards. Click to enlarge the image.

Follow up on Projects

Manage your company’s projects with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Follow up with the intuitive tools that can show if the projects are delivered on time and on budget, in time to take corrective actions.

Visualize costs, resources and revenue, and give project managers, management or project staff access to intuitive dashboards and tools to approve costs and time that affect delivery.

Forecast of resource needs

Dynamics 365 Project Operations comes with a planning engine that streamlines the planning of projects and resources in order to make the best possible use of billable resources.

Get a visualized forecast and plan where resources give the business the greatest return with the built-in intelligence that provides an overall overview in dashboards.

Integrate with the rest of Dynamics 365, so that all relevant data can be accessed by relevant employees in the company.

Ressourceudnyttelse og forecast på projekter overblik
Overview of the user resources. Click to enlarge the image.
Gross margin analysis with Power BI

Intuitive Tools

Take advantage of the opportunity to customize views and create an individual overview. With Power BI, you customize views that are relevant to your particular business and allow you to share online, by email, or through other media throughout your organization.

Project Operations can be customized, expanded and integrated into the applications and services already in use today. If you use another system, it is possible to convert data, e.g. from project management in Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations or from the former Dynamics Professional Service Automation.

Increase the productivity of the service staff and integrate the Office 365 applications so that the project team has the best conditions for working together, even when the project delivery changes and needs to be responded to quickly.

Expand Dynamics 365 Functionality with a Large Number of Apps

Efficient and Flexible Platform.

Dynamics 365 consists of both ERP applications and Customer Engagement applications. Based on the company’s needs, applications from the Dynamics 365 framework can be chosen to  supplement the functionality and support the collaboration across the entire company. Learn more about the different applications and options by clicking in  the figure.

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