How to use Microsoft Power BI for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Power BI

Make use of data and gather the overview in one place.

With intuitive layouts and views of data, the entire company can gather valuable knowledge to make the right decisions. With Power BI, data from the entire Dynamics platform can be compiled and combined – also with data from external systems. 

Get a data-driven Business

Avoid making decisions based on guesses or gut feeling. With Power BI, decisions can be based on facts, concrete figures and knowledge. A data-driven Power BI solution makes decisions simpler and safer. Visualize KPIs and make it easy for both management and employees to access reports and views in dashboards on phone, tablet and laptop. Power BI is part of Microsoft’s Power Framework and closely linked to the entire Dynamics 365, both the ERP solutions and the solutions that are part of Customer Engagement.

3 Ways to Gain Value with Power BI and your Dynamics 365

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Standard Dynamics 365

Use the reports that already exist in Dynamics 365. The Dynamics 365 license comes with a selection of ready-made views that can be used by all users.

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Do It Youself

Define reports yourself using Power BI Desktop. Use the reports yourself or share and publish them with Power BI Pro.

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Finished solution

Apply Microsolution's turnkey data definitions to your own data warehouse and get a valid solution. Get started quickly - within a few days.

Turnkey Solution for Dynamics 365

If the company uses Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and has a desire to get started quickly, you can do so by starting from a data warehouse, with validated data based on finished data entities. It only takes a few days to get started. Get fast value for your data with Microsoft Solutions’ complete data entities / definitions for Dynamics 365.
Datawarehouse for Power BI and Dynamics 365

When establishing a Power BI solution for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, many choose to start from Microsolutions’
finished data entities / definitions (marked above with the prominent blue). It is a shorter way to get to the finish line with your own
data warehouse, and you can obtain a number of ready-made reports / views (balance, statistics, etc.) for the solution. You choose whether Microsolutions should develop special reports, or your company will get started on its own using the detailed manual that comes with our solution.


Better insight to make the right decisions

Combine data from multiple systems

Get started quickly on a valid platform

Get an Overview to Make Decisions

With Microsoft Power BI, you can get started quickly  with a business intelligence solution that provides valuable knowledge about your business in selected areas. Power BI can be advantageously combined with other services from Microsoft including PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. Microsolutions is happy to help guide you through options.

How to use Power BI

See in the video to the left how a report in Power BI is made.

Views on Different Types of Devices

Power BI in Microsolutions

Microsolutions offers dedicated Power BI consultants. We are also experts in Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX and know the data base in these solutions well. This means that we have the best conditions for making valid Power BI solutions for precisely these applications. For the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, we can offer turnkey Power BI solutions, which can of course be adapted to the company’s individual needs.


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