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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is Microsoft’s answer to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. It consolidates relevant customer information into a single platform that provides a 360-degree view of the customer. By bringing together activities, strategies and interactions with the customer. By ensuring that data is stored and shared, and that you can manage the customer follow-up throughout the life cycle. And by offering sales managers overviews and insights, and giving colleagues the essential information to take action.

This is how Dynamics 365 Sales adds value

Better tools for sales managers and sellers

Sales managers:


Overview of the pipeline with Dynamics 365 Sales

Sales offers good and intuitive dashboards

Sales Manager Dashboard i Dynamics 365 Sales CRM
The Sales Manager Dashboards show the pipeline in from different perspectives. It is possible to drill down into detail from each dashboard.
Dynamics 36 Sales Dashboard
An example of another dashboard. 1. Opportunities/pipeline per customer. 2. Pipeline per seller. 3. New leads. Click to enhance.

Some of the features

in Dynamics 365 Sales

Pipeline overview

Dynamics 365 Sales provides an overview of sales possibilities and the pipeline. The pipeline can be displayed as graphs and lists. Both have drill-down options that give highest level of detail in each sales opportunity. The likelihoods on each sales opportunity provides a solid basis for creating a weighted pipeline and forecasting the sales for your company.

Standard integrations to Power BI and Excel

There are many places in the system that can be integrated with Power BI and Excel as part of the standard Sales solution. Data can easily and elegantly be presented in Excel via the computer or through dynamic reports. These can be used e.g. when working with the pipeline and forecasting, or they can facilitate knowledge sharing within the sales department and with management.

Customers and prospects

It is easy to register and maintain information on companies and contacts in Sales. And to get a good overview of activities and interactions with customers and leads.

Automatic data updates 

It is possible to integrate with the company’s databases. This ensures that information is shared across all platforms and it eliminates all manual creation and maintenance of data.

Integration with Outlook

It is possible to archive Outlook e-mails with the customers in D365 Sales. This ensures that the e-mail correspondence is accessible in Sales on the customer and the sales tab.

And the integration to the Outlook calendar makes it possible to track activities in Sales.

Customer creation directly from Outlook

Customers and prospects can be created directly from e-mails in Outlook. With the built-in connector installed, you will get a little add-in in your e-mail, so you can create a contact, customer or sales opportunity.

Maintain E-mail marketing campaigns

In Dynamics 365 Sales, marketing campaigns can be created and maintained. E. g. e-mail campaigns can be sent customers etc., and responses measured. Moreover, there are many types of integrations to a variety of e-mail marketing systems.

Integration with Teams

Sales is well integrated with Teams, permitting participation in Team meetings, Teams, file sharing etc. Moreover, information from Sales can be shared on Teams with members that do not use Sales.

Individual departments  

Sales can be configured in accordance with a company’s individual processes. If you have departments with different processes, then the processes can be configured per department. Dynamics 365 Sales is created via Power Apps which facilitate individual apps for each department based on source data. Ergo, it is possible to make department specific processes, fields, and tables with the same lay-out and database as other departments.

Keep up with tasks and activities

Activities consist of e-mails, tasks, phone calls and meetings. Activities can create reminders for the responsible sellers on the phone and the computer. With integrations to the Outlook calendar, is it possible to track and sum up activities in Sales. E.g. A dashboard can be created per customer to facilitate proactive sales and customer relationships.

customers Dynamics 365 Sales on phone

Access to Dynamics 365 Sales from the Mobile app

Sales has a great app for Android and iPhone phones. Use the cell phone when you are out or at the office.

Get informed about tasks and activities, create cases and contacts, follow the development on leads and opportunities or find contacts on your phone.

Integrations with Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales can easily be integrated with e.g. the ERP solution to e.g. avoid updating data in multiple systems.

For the majority, maintaining customer and opportunity data in multiple systems is inefficient. Microsolutions recommends integrating the solutions, so that data maintenance is controlled in one solution and automatically updated in the remaining systems. You can create you own integrations or use existing integrations from Microsoft.

Integrate with Dataverse

Dataverse is a Microsoft standard and is a type of database where data from Dynamics 365 is safely stored in tables and columns (fields) in the cloud.

It can be an advantage to use Dataverse for integrations. The advantages include easy and safe administration of the integrated data because the data, along with the configurations etc. are all saved in the Microsoft cloud.

Dataverse is designed for integrations with other data sources and can, easily, be used with Microsoft Power Apps and give access to data in other solutions. Furthermore, data can be imported to Dataverse via Excel and CSV files.

Microsolutions are specialists in integrations with Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management

There are predefined integrations between Dynamics 365 Finance and Sales.

Microsolutions are specialist in Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, so we offer specialist knowledge about integrations between this ERP system and Dynamics 365 Sales.

Contact us for more information regarding integrations between solutions.

Integration mellem Dynamics 365 Sales og Dynamics 365 Finance
This integration from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance updates in real-time and the updates can go in both directions. The Master Source can be defined for the entities.
Dynamics 365 Sales - overblik over alle kundedata

Free up time for selling

Get a universal solution that makes it easy to maintain customer data. D365 Sales can be used as it is or configured to optimize a company’s sales process. Identify tasks and solutions that can be automated or become more efficient by using Dynamics 365 Sales. Streamline your work from Lead to a closed sale, allowing sellers to do the thing they do best: to sell.

 Sales is a part of Dynamics 365  

Explore the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework by clicking on an area in the figure below. 


Efficient and flexible platform

Dynamics 365 consists of ERP applications and Customer Engagement applications. Based on a company’s needs, applications from the D365 framework can be used. This gives the needed functionalities to support a company’s cross functional collaboration and supply chain.

Learn more about the different applications and options by clicking on the figure.


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